This is a very self indulgent account of Richard and Heather Knowles travels as they wander through Europe in search of a different way of life.
This is a very self indulgent account of Richard and Heather Knowles travels as they wander through Europe in search of a different way of life.
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Got on well. Crossed Slovenian border at same spot we crossed into Croatia on way down. Visited duty free again. Bought more Brandy despite misgivings, and Underbergs to solve Heather’s stomach problems. Cure anything they will. What misgivings about Brandy? I hear you ask. I drink my brandy neat whilst Heather drinks hers with hot water as a digestif. I banned Heather from using the plastic drinking glasses for her brandy drinks because the heat was cracking the glasses. To my horror as I drank my brandy that night, the glass started cracking across the bottom. It’s the brandy not the hot water that’s dangerous ! If the brandy eats the plastic !!! What is it doing to the lining  of my stomach ?? Crossed over into Italy, noticed lunatic drivers immediately. Parked up on motorway service station on the approach to Venice. Heather slept very badly due to noisy refrigerated artic also parked in car park.

That's the spirit

That's the spirit

Spaghetti Carbonara, made with Croatian smoked pork. Short of Parmesan. The local food shop attached to the service area café, (everywhere in Italy), sold lumps of Parmesan but humungous lumps at about £15 a time, along with salamis, smoked hams and other big lumps of cheese. This weeks budget won’t stretch to it due to lots of driving and expenditure on fuel and tolls. In fact we are spending next weeks money now, but have bought most of next weeks food already.


18 October Saturday

Drove past Venice to Verona and turned off to have a look at Lake Garda. Stopped at nice little town and promenaded along the lake front. Very expensive. Main pastime must be showing off your Gucci and Armani. Set off again past major tourist attractions in south lake Garda area and two prostitutes provocatively dressed overtly seeking custom on Saturday afternoon. Imagine girls working the main approach to Keswick, on a sunny Saturday in the season. I bet that the Lake District Special Planning Board would have something to say ! Headed to Brescia to visit motor caravan dealer. Arrived in rush hour. Another manic Italian city. Finally found dealership up narrow back street to find that they moved in January 2002.

Garda's answer to Windermere

Garda's answer to Windermere

Back spending Euros rather than Croatian Krns or Slovenian Sits. The very small cent coins are almost worthless but very necessary to go to the loo to appease the house proud toilet cleaning ladies. 10 cents normally enough. Have renamed them Europoos. 10 europoos to the Euro !!

Set off on motorway and drove towards Genova. Parked up for the night on service station. Ate humungous Chicken salad. 

Started reading the Alchemist by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. Should be renamed Jonathan Livingstone Shepherd for all you ageing hippies, but its message is “whatever you need to do in life, you can do it if you want to.”



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